Casino du Liban
The Casino du Liban, situated on the coastal road along the Mediterranean about 20 minutes' drive from the ancient city of Beirut, Lebanon, is one of the most modern and sumptuous of the world's great casinos.

Now operating all year round, the casino first opened its doors in December 1959 with a huge fireworks display illuminating the bay of Maameltein . The same evening, a large crowd was enchanted by the first show in the beautiful Salle des Ambassadeurs. Six months later the casino inaugurated a 1,200-seat theatre designed for performances by world-renowned dramatic and operatic companies. The Comèdie Française was featured in the first presentation of the Thèâtre du Liban which is open 11 months of the year - from September to July.

Another was the election of Miss Europe. It was the first time this international event had been held out-side Europe, and for five consecutive years the election was staged at the Casino.

In 1961 the casino du Liban celebrated the opening of the Baccarat, known among the international set as the most scintillating night-club in the Near East with the finest orchestras providing music for dancing, surrounding by an elegant decor of velvet, gold and crystal.

The gods of chance preside over two luxurious gaming salons. In the traditional room, luck can be tempted in games such as roulette, baccarat, chemin de fer or tout-va. In the American gaming Room, craps, blackjack, American roulette and slot machines have been introduced. Smaller, elegantly appointed salons are at the disposal of the most sophisticated and audacious challengers of chance.

A new Salle des Ambassadeurs, which was built in 1965, is equipped with complex electronic and technical devices to aid in the presentation of uniquely beautiful extravaganzas. This unusual room, decorated in shades of mauve, magenta, blue and violet, can seat 850 persons. Leading choreographers, musicians, dancers and stage designers brought in from every part of the globe display their talents in shows such as the one presented recently which required 110 onstage performers. This number did not include the 25 horses, two elephants, two apes and a tiger who also took part in the supershow.

This coin 100 Livres was made in 1979 by Franklin Mint. This is the official gaming coins of the world's great casino - issue number 11. The above information about the Casino and Hotel were valid in 1979.
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