Manila Bay
The obverse of the official gaming coin of the Manila Bay Casino bears a stylized depiction of a luxury cruise ship at sea. This depiction, which serves as the casino's emblem, is most appropriate, for the casino is located aboard the Philippine Tourist, a luxury passenger ship docked in Manila Bay. The coin's reverse also has a nautical motif in the waves that form the border of the design. Both the observe and the reverse carry the coin's denomination - 100 pesos.

One of the most beautiful and historic sites in the world, Manila Bay is almost completely landlocked except for two channels into the South Sea. The larger South Channel is seldom used, while the smaller North Channel between Corregitor and Bataan is a popular commercial fishing area. The bay, which is between 30 and 120 feet deep and has a moderate tidal range, provides good to excellent anchorage for both small  vessels and large ocean-going ships.

Steeped in history, Manila Bay became a popular shelter for ships plying the South China trade routes as early as 1500. In 1574, the Chinese pirate Lim-Ah-Hong sailed into the bay, but a Spanish fleet successfully turned him away. During the next two centuries, Manila Bay was the westernmost port of call for Spain's Manila-Acapulco galleon trade.

When the United States sent Commodore George Dewey to the islands on May 1, 1898 during the Spanish-American War, the Spanish fleet surrendered Manila Bay within hours and the Americans took control of the Philippines.

For the next 50 years the Philippines and especially Manila Bay, were regarded by the United States as a vital military base. When World War II broke out, the Japanese invaded the Philippines by attacking Manila Bay, and many American and Japanese ships were sunk by aerial bombardment. The Invaders defeated American and Filipino troops and occupied the Philippines. Later during the war, however, the Japanese were driven out, and the Americans once again took control of the islands. On July 4, 1946, the Philippines at last gained independence.

The only floating casino in the Philippines, the Manila Bay Casino is visited by renowned entertainers, statesmen and entrepreneurs from all over the world.  

This coin 100 Pesos was made in 1978 by Franklin Mint. This is the official gaming coins of the world's great casino - issue number 04. The above information about the Casino and Hotel were valid in 1978.
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