Puerto Rico
Caribe Hilton International Casino
The Caribe Hilton's Casino, one of the most elegant and prestigious in the Caribbean, is located in Puerto Rico on San Juan's most picturesque private beach. The hotel is surrounded by 18 acres of lush tropical park.

Owned by the government of Puerto Rico and operated by Hilton International, the Casino is part of an expansive Caribe Hilton International resort complex, which features a variety of athletic and convention facilities in addition to restaurants, bars and discotheque. The Caribe Hilton, situated adjacent to historic Fort San Jeronimo, has generated a boom in Puerto Rico's tourist trade.

Since its opening in December of 1949, a year after gambling  was legalized in Puerto Rico, the hotel-casino has enjoyed continued success. Conceived by Teodoro Moscoso, at the time head of the government agency with the responsibility for the economic development of Puerto Rico (Administration de Formento Economico), the idea of a first-class luxury hotel and gambling operation on the island was greeted with  skepticism by a majority of Puerto Rico's businessmen. Many of them labeled the hotel-casino project a white elephant.

However, the project attracted so much interest right from the outset that the skeptic were quickly proved wrong in their assessment. 

The casino's subtle decor provides a tasteful and very pleasing atmosphere. It features in its foyer a magnificent handmade chandelier of delicate Italian  crystal which sets the tone for the beautiful gaming room. Another distinguishing and very practical feature is the casino's unique computerized operation, which was designed by its director Diego Sorroche.

Located on the mezzanine floor of the 707-room luxury hotel, the casino was enlarged to twice its original capacity in 1975. This fashionable establishment is set amidst some of the Caribbean's most splendid scenery.

In addition to blackjack tables, crap tables and roulette wheels, the casino now includes a number of "traga monedas" or slot machines. A weekly clinic is offered by the Caribe Hilton to familiarize novices with house rules.

The casino is the key attraction in Puerto Rico's largest and most sophisticated resort facility. The solid sterling silver gaming coin of the Caribe Hilton's Casino has a face value of $25 and shows a group playing roulette.

This coin 25 Dollars was made in 1979 by Franklin Mint. This is the official gaming coins of the world's great casino - issue number 08. The above information about the Casino and Hotel were valid in 1979.
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