Cabo Dakhla (Fantasy issue)
A set of these coins are not legal tender issues and were produced by Joseph E. Lang. It is claimed that Cabo Dakha is part of Mauritania but administered by Morocco.
Dakhla (Dajla), or ad-Dakhla (Arabic: الداخلة‎) (formerly Villa Cisneros, which is its current name in Spanish), is a city in the Western Sahara with about 85,000 inhabitants. It is about 550 km south of El Aaiún on a narrow peninsula of the Atlantic Coast. It is the capital of what the Moroccan government called the Oued Ed-Dahab-Lagouira region, but for the POLISARIO is part of the Occupied Territories. Dakhla was founded as Villa Cisneros in 1502 by Spanish settlers during the expansion of their Empire. During the colonial period, the Spanish authorities made Dakhla the capital of the province of Río de Oro, one of the two regions of the Spanish Sahara. They built a military fortress and a modern Catholic church, both of which remain points of interest for visitors to the city. A prison camp also existed here during the Spanish Civil War, at which writers such as Pedro García Cabrera were imprisoned. During the 1960s, the Francoist dictatorship also built here one of the three paved airports in Western Sahara at Dakhla Airport. Between 1975 and 1979, Dakhla was the province capital of the Mauritanian province of Tiris al-Gharbiyya, consisting of its annexed portion of Western Sahara. Dakhla Airport is used as public airport and by the Royal Air Maroc. The 3 km. long runway can receive a Boeing 737 or smaller planes. The passenger terminal covers 670 m² and is capable to handle up to 55.000 passenger/year. The main economic activity of the city is fishing. In recent years the town has become a centre for aquatic sports, such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and surf casting.
Currency: 20 Peseta = 1 Dinar (Dinar = 100 santimat)
AH1427 - 2006

500 Peseta - 25 Dirhams. Year: AH1427-2006. Weight: 12.12g. Metal: Brass. Diameter: 22.00 mm. Thickness: 4 mm.  Edge: Reeded. Alignment: Medal. Mint: N/A. Obverse: "Cabo Dakhla" on the top. Bunch of flowers in the center. Value and written denomination at the bottom. Reverse: Year "1427" on the top. Colonial Spanish building in the center with denomination below. Mintage: N/A. Minted Years: One year type.
Other coins in this set contains:
  • 1 peseta - 5 santimat Camel. Aluminum-zinc
  • 5 pesetas - 25 santimat Whale. Aluminum-zinc
  • 10 pesetas - 50 santimat Fennec Fox. Aluminum-zinc
  • 25 pesetas - 1 1/4 Dinars Vulture. Aluminum-zinc
  • 50 pesetas - 2 1/2 Dinars Men on camels. Aluminum-zinc
  • 100 Pesetas - 5 Dinars 2006 Tribal Man. Bi-metal; Copper-Nickel outer circle and Brass center.
  • 200 Pesetas - 10 Dinars 2006 A man with snake on his head. Bi-metal; Brass in outer circle and Copper-Nickel in center.
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