“ARMORICA”: Another series of coins/tokens based on “literature”. I've based this listing upon the ancient/literary name for the northwest part of France (mostly identical to modern-day Brittany); many Web-sites devoted to Astérix cite this specific place-name. It provides the setting (circa 50 B.C.) for an unnamed, fictional Gaulish village (the only one to successfully resist Roman occupation), where Astérix is the cunning, pint-sized hero of over 30 French comic books. These beloved graphic albums are the creation of
writer René Goscinny and illustrator Alberto Uderzo (Goscinny passed away in 1997, but Uderzo has continued the series). Their first effort was Astérix le Gaulois. It was published in 1961, but the story originally ran in the pages of the magazine Pilote (founded by Goscinny, Uderzo, and Jean-Michel Charlier), which appeared on October 29, 1959.
There are many pieces available, dated 1995, an “Astérix” Sesterce; dated 1999, an “Idéfix” 1 Centsesterce, a “Bonemine” 2 Centsesterces, and a “Panoramix” 20 Centsesterces. There were also some pieces, distributed in Europe during 2001, which served an added educational purpose by introducing children to the new coinage that would soon be replacing their national one. There exists various coins like an “Astérix” 2 Nutell'Euros (also shown is ƒ4,41 - its value, converted into Dutch Guldens), an “Idéfix” 5 Nutella Cents (0,11 Dutch Guldens), and a “Panoramix” 10 Nutella Cents (also showing 4,03Bef - its corresponding value in Belgian Francs). There's a cleverly effective evolutionary progression from the ancient-style 1st series to the modern-style 3rd series. All of these cute pieces came individually with jars of Nutella, the creamy and chocolaty hazelnut spread which is super-popular in Europe. They may have also been promotional tie-ins for Astérix animated movies.
I purchased my “Panoramix” 20 Centsesterces dated 1999 and “Astérix” 2 Nutell'Euros dated 2001 (also showing 80,68Bef - its corresponding value in Belgian Francs) from Erik Victor McCrea.
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