Galactic Empire / Republic
This larger-than-life franchise, from the mind of film-maker George Lucas, has played a huge part in our generation's popular culture since 1977 (though the original 13-page outline/story synopsis dates from May of 1973, and the 1st edition novelization was available in 1976), and an introduction to this beloved saga is hardly necessary. To briefly summarize its currency, a galactic standard unit called the Credit is used to facilitate smooth trade in the science-fictional Star Wars universe. Several identical copies of the brass 1,000 Imperial Credits were included with the 1996 Parker Brothers Star Wars “Monopoly” board game. This piece has “Imperial Credits” and “Coruscant” (the capital; its name, prominently placed, perhaps indicates the primary world where the coin is intended to circulate) written on its obverse, using letters from the “Aurebesh”/“Aurek-Besh” alphabet. The Presidential/Imperial Palace, an impregnably gigantic pyramidal structure, is also displayed. This coin is based on a design for a two-credit coin which graphic artist Stephen Crane (he was the art director of West End Games, and he developed the Aurebesh beginning in 1993) had done for a product proposal and which was later passed on to Lucasfilm when the merchandise was not approved.
Furthermore, “Credit coins often bear the unique name and symbol of the planet where they were minted.” These include 3 other 1,000 Credit pieces: a round copper coin from Ord Mantell, a 12-sided brass coin from Alderaan, and a tear-drop shaped nickel-plated brass coin from Bespin. The first 2 display the “starburst in diamond” logo of the Corporate Sector Authority. This trio came with the 1997 Hasbro Star Wars “Monopoly” CD-ROM, and was perhaps produced by the Hoffman Mint.
Lastly, there is another 1,000 Credit piece, which came with the 1999 Waddingtons (United Kingdom) Star Wars: Episode I “Monopoly” board game. This one says “Galactic Republic” on the obverse, alongside a rendition of Chancellor Valorum, their head of state; the reverse shows a futuristic cityscape on Coruscant, the same setting as that of the palatial residence mentioned above.
I purchased my Galactic Empire 1000 Credits 1996 and Galactic Republic 1000 Credits 1999 coins from Erik Victor McCrea.
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