Umerkot (Jagir)
It is a Hindu Jagir of an area of 48.6 km2 in Sindh. Umerkot (Amarkot) is also known as Rana Jagir. It was the birthplace of  Akbar, Emperor of Delhi. The name of Umerkot as reported by historians is behind the famous King Umer Soomro. On the other side it is also mentioned that the name of Town was behind the then ruler of Umerkot Rana Amer Singh and written as "Amerkot". Once, Umerkot was the capital of Greater Sindh (including some parts of present Rajasthan state of India). A memorial at the birth place of King Akber has been erected in the west of Umerkot town. There is an ancient Fort famous for the folk story of Umer and Marvi.
  • Umar S/o Hamir Soomra................................1355 - 1390
  • Bhungar V............................................1390 - 1400
  • Hamir II.............................................1400 - 1440
  • Unknown rulers
  • Rana Parshad Singh - a contemporary of the Mughal Emperor Humayum (1530 to 1556)
  • Unknown rulers
  • Rana Bahabut Singh - ancestor of the later Thakurs.
  • Unknown rulers
  • Rana Mehraj Singh
  • Rana Arjun Singh S/o Mehraj Singh.......................? - 1947
  • Rana Arjun had three sons: Chander Singh (born: 1931), Inder Singh (born 1934) and Balvir Singh (born: 1938).
  • Rana Chander Singh S/o Arjun Singh...................1947 - 01 Aug 2009
  • Born 1931 in Rana Jagir, Tharparkar District. He started his career as MPA from Thar in 1956. He is elected Minister in the Pakistan Assembly from 1985 (a record of 9 times). He breathed his last on 01 Aug 2009 in silence from his long illness in Karachi at the age of 78. Some of his elected details on reserve seat for minorities are as follow:
    • 05th Assembly: 14 Apr 1972 - 07 Mar 1977: Not Elected.
    • 06th Assembly: 26 Mar 1977 - 05 Jul 1977: Elected based on PPP.
    • 07th Assembly (Non-party based Election) 20 Mar 1985 - 29 May 1988: Not Elected.
    • 08th Assembly: 30 Nov 1988 - 06 Aug 1990: Elected based on Independent.
    • 09th Assembly: 03 Nov 1990 - 18 Jul 1993: Elected based on PHP.
    • 10th Assembly: 15 Oct 1993 - 05 Nov 1996: Elected based on Independent.
    • 10th Assembly: 15 Feb 1996 - 12 Oct 1999: Elected based on Independent.
    • 11th Assembly: 16 Nov 2002 - 15 Nov 2007: Retired.
  • "There is no need of Holy Gita to take an oath on it. With regret I would say that some honourable members of parliament who are present in this very august house let down on their sacred books. I know they are the very religiously respected people of their parties and known to be very pious persons", Rana Chander Singh roared on the floor of the National Assembly after the vote of no confidence in 1990 against PPP Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Rana Chander Singh married to Rani Subhadra Kumari, daughter of Rawat Tej Singh of Rawatsar in Bikaner, and has following four sons and one daughter.
    • Rajkumar Jungvijay Singh, born 5th February 1956.
    • Kunwar Hamir Singh, born March 1957, Minister for Agriculture in the Sindh Government, married a lady from the Ajmer Royal Family, and has three daughters.
    • Kunwar Bhopal Singh, born 7th October 1959.
    • Kunwar Dr. Pritipal Singh Sodhia, married Kunwarani Ronilla Singh Ranawat, daughter of Col. Thakur Ran Vijay Singh Ranawat of Kankarwa, and has two sons: Bhanwar Shivdan Singh Sodha and Bhanwar Bhawani Singh Sodha.
    • Rajkumari Sangeeta Kumari, married to Thakur Narpat Singh Ranawat of Shahpura-Jaipur, and has two children: Kunwar Shatrunjay Pratap Singh [conservationist working for the survival of tigers in India] and Kunwar Aditya Singh.
  • Rana Hamir Singh S/o Chander Singh...........01 Aug 2009 - date
  • Earlier, Rana Chanderís elder son Kanwar Hamir Singh was installed as his successor, the 26th Rana of Tharparkarís Thakurs. During the ceremony a tilak of human blood was put on his forehead, a symbol of the martial quality of the clan.
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