Important Events in Chiefa Coin Collection
01st October 1991 1st CuNi Coin IRAQ KM128 50 fils 1981 -
October 1991 1st Aluminum Coin PAKISTAN KM52 5 paisa 1984 -
November 1991 1st Coin with a hole DENMARK KM861.1 25 ore 1976 S;B Cu/Ni (h) - Heart Copenhagen Mint
Jan 1993 1st Silver Coin SAUDI ARABIA KM18 1 Riyal 1367AH (1947)  11.60g 0.9170Ag
July 1993 1st Bullion Coin UNITED STATES OF AMERICA KM273 1 Dollar 1991 31.1010g 0.9993Ag 40.6mm
July 1993 1st Error Coin in words SAUDI ARABIA KM47 25 halalas 1392AH (1972) Error:- Denomination in masculine gender Cu/Ni
July 1993 1st Bi-metal Coin BAHRAIN KM20 100 fils AH1412 (1992)  Ring:- Brass Center:- Cu/Ni
July 1993 1st Medal PAKISTAN Indo-Pak War 1971 Medal -
28th March 1998 1st Square Coin SRI LANKA KM129 Ceylon Republic 5 cents 1963 Nickel-Brass -
08th July 1998 1st Set of Coins in Mint Box: MALAWI 1971 Set by British Royal Mint on 15th February 1971 KM7.1, 8.1, 9.1, 10.1, 11.1, 12 - Bronze and Cu/Ni Coin Set
16th December 1999 1st BC (Before Christ) coin SYRIA 125 BC Cleopratra VII -
26th April 2001 1st Gold Coin IRAQ Abassid Dynasty 158 AH (775 AD) Gold Dinar Muhammad Al-Mahdi 4.2g .916Au
22nd December 2001 1st Color Coin SIERRA LEONE KM242 1 Dollar Colour Coins Tiger 2001 28.28g - CuNi
22nd December 2001 1st Cartoon Coin NIUE KM137 1 Dollar Pikachu - Pokemon Series 2001 28.28g - CuNi
22nd December 2001 1st Euro Coin BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA KM88 14 Euro Peace II - Dove in flight 1998  10g 0.9250Ag
22nd December 2001 1st Titanium / Blue Coin GIBRALTAR KM885 5 Pound 160th Anniversary - Uniform Penny Post 2000 10g Titanium (Ti) Atomic # 22
15th January 2002 1st Coin with Plastic Color plate PALAU KM1 1 Dollar Year of Marine Life1992 Cu/Ni
29th January 2002 1st Bi-metal Silver/Gold plated Coin SOLOMON ISLANDS KM73 10 Dollars Queen Mother and Churchill viewing bomb damage to Buckingham Palace 2000 28.32g 0.9250Ag Ring Gold Plated
06th Feburary 2002 1st Unusual Coin of the World BUCK ISLAND 1 Buck ND (1958) -
17th February 2002 1st .999 Gold Coin GIBRALTAR KM901 1 Royal Two cherubs 2001 31.1035g 0.9999Au 32.7mm
17th February 2002 1st Virenium Coin ISLE OF MAN KM769 5 Pound 1997 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Golden Wedding Anniversary 81%Cu,10%Zn,9%Ni
03rd March 2002 1st Rectangular Coin MALTA KM114 5 LM 2000 15g 0.9250Ag 40*20mm
16th April 2002 Heaviest Silver Coin PITCAIRN ISLANDS  KM1 50 Dollar Drafting Constitution 1938-1988 155.6g 0.999Ag 65mm
12th January  2003 1st ESSAI coin BURKINA FASO ESSAI Silver Coin ND(1984) 25 de 30 Ruler:- Thomas Sankara
28th June 2003 1st Jewel / Stone in the coin TURKEY 50 MTL Asio Otus 2000 7.78g 0.750Au 2(0.01 ct Diamond)
28th June 2003 1st Bi-metal Coin Gold/Silver TURKEY KM1119 150 MTL 2000 President Clinton's Turkish Visit Ring:17g 0.925Ag  Center: 24g 0.916Au  38.6mm 
12th August 2003 1st Token Coinage Coin TATARSTAN KM-Tn3 1 Kilo bread - Wheat Stalks 1993 Bronze
24th September  2003 1st Medallion Coin GUINEA M1(54) 200 Sylis 1984 International Games - Race Walking Copper-Nickel (CuNi)
24th January 2004 Heaviest Gold Coin DUBAI 1000 Dirham 1990 Dubai International Trade Center 39.94g 0.917Au .917Au
16th February 2004 1st Oval coin TURKEY 7.5MTL 2002 Centaurea tchihatcheffii .925 Silver
21st February 2004 1st Tantalum Coin KERGUELEN ISLANDS Vingt Francs (20 Francs) Australe Regies 2003 .995Tantalum Tantalum (Ta)   Atomic # 73
21st February 2004 Leper Colony Coin PHILIPPINES 1/2 centavo 1913 Culion Aluminum
24th February 2004 1st Triangular Coin COOK ISLANDS KM38 2 Dollar Table with bottle on top Copper-Nickel (CuNi)
24th February 2004 1st Wooden Coin NORTHERN FOREST ARCHIPELAGO 1/10 NFASEB 2003 5th Anniversary (1998-2003) NFASEB = Northern Forest Archipelago Sweat Equity Buck
08th May 2004 1st Hologram Coin CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC 10 Francs 2003 Victoria waterfalls Copper-Nickel (CuNi)
08th May 2004 1st Plastic Coin UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1 Dollar North Carolina Prison Token Plastic
08th May 2004 1st Acrylic Coin CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC 10 Francs 2004 Chinese Junk Ship Acrylic
08th May 2004 1st Casino Coin TURKEY 500 Lira 1980 Istanbul Hilton Silver Casino scalloped Coin
31st May 2004 1st Strange Coin FRANCE KM#1290 1(Ultimate Franc) 2001  17.77g .980Ag Matte Edge: Republique Francaise Starck
11th Dec 2005 1st Stamp Money SPAIN 15 centimos 1937-1939 Especial Movil Spanish civil war stamp
11th Dec 2005 Smallest Coin INDIA Gold Bebe 0.004g Vijayanagar 14th-16th Century - Venkatesvara picture Gold
11th Dec 2005 1st Fiber Coin CHINA Y# A13 5 Fen Manchukuo Red Fiber KT12 (1945) Fiber
11th Dec 2005 1st Clay / Porcelain Coin JAPAN KM110 1 Sen 1945 Baked Clay
11th Dec 2005 1st Silver/Niobium Coin MONGOLIA 500 Tugrik 2005 Mongolian Snow Leopard (panthera unica) oval-shaped 30*45 mm Silver outer / Niobium center
12th Jun 2006 1st Niobium Coin ANTARCTIC (McMURDO) 10 Dollars 1987 Geophysical 30 years 1957-1987 (2005AD)3.5g Niobium (Nb)   Atomic # 41
12th Jun 2006 1st Molybdenum  Coin CROZET ISLANDS 20 Francs 2005 essai Diameter 22mm Thickness 1.0mm 3.0g Molybdenum (Mo) Atomic # 42
12th Jun 2006 1st Cobalt Coin ISLAS MALVINAS 5 n. Australes prueba 3.5g Diameter 22mm Thickness 1.5mm       Cobalt (Co)      Atomic # 27
12th Jun 2006 1st Zirconium Coin ISLAS MALVINAS 5 n. Australes prueba 2.7g Diameter 22mm Thickness 1.5mm Zirconium (Zr)  Atomic # 40
12th Jun 2006 1st Hafnium Coin ISLAS MALVINAS 5 n. Australes prueba 5.3g Diameter 22mm Thickness 1.5mm     Hafnium (Hf)    Atomic # 72
10th Mar 2007 1st Rhenium Coin ISLAS MALVINAS 5 n. Australes prueba 7.2g Diameter 22mm Thickness 1.0mm Rhenium (Re)   Atomic # 75
14th Aug 2007 Oldest Coin MACEDONIA Alexander III the great Argead Dynasty AR Tetradrachm 336-323BC Silver Coin
14th Aug 2007 1st Lead Coin PAKISTAN Siestan - Lead Drachm Fire flames 7.1g Lead (Pb) Atomic# 82 - Discovered at Dalbandin Western Balochistan
20th Aug 2009 Biggest Coin by diameter PAKISTAN 10 Rupees 2008 Benazir Bhutto's 1st death anniversary. 160.60g. Diameter: 85mm. Edge: Plain. Bronze - Pattern issue.
07th Feb 2011 1st MULE coin EGYPT KM#431 10 piastres AH1392-1972 - Reopening of Suez Canal. Copper-Nickel (CuNi)
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