Since 1997 I have also started to give Awards to a particular coin in my collection, collected in the same year. Before 1997 Award were given to coins due to their importance in my collection in those particular years. The name of the cities show my presence in that city in that particular year, not on that particular date. The date presents the award day.
Haseeb Naz's Coin Collection
Award 2018 on 25th Dec 2018 at Bahrain.

Position 1


KM#49 500 Rupee 1977 Allama Muhammad Iqbal. 0.917 Au. 3.64g. 19.00 mm. Mintage: 700. Mint:- M/s. Italcambio, Venezuela.

Position 2


KM#438.30 Mughal Gold Mohur ND RY11 [1728]. Unlisted Year. 11.01g. 19.00 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Azimabad. Ruler: Muhamad Shah.

Position 3


Bactria Tetradrachm. Silver. 16.10g. 33.00 mm. Mintage: N/A. Ruler: Heliocles I.

Position 4


KM#102 Jaipur Gold Mohur. ND - RY11 [1847]. 10.75g. 18.00 mm. Ruler citing last Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah Bahadur II. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Sawai Jaipur. Ruler: Rama Singh II.

Position 5


KM#704.1 5 Francs 1815A. 25.00g. 38.00 mm. 100 Days Ruler issue. Mintage: 473,000. Mint: Paris. Ruler: Napoléon Bonaparte.

Position 6


KM#777 Rupee AH1225-RY4 [1809]. Silver. 11.12g. 26.00 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Shahjahanabad (Delhi). Ruler: Akbar II



3 paisa 1966 pattern. Bronze. 2.50g. 8 Scallops 19.00 x 17.80 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint:- Lahore. President:- Mohammad Ayub Khan Tareen.
Award 2017 on 25th Dec 2017 at Bahrain.

Position 1

ARGENTINA KM#29 Peso 1882 Capped liberty head - Lettered edge Up. 0.900 Silver. 24.86g. 37.00 mm. Mintage: 414,000. Mint: Buenos Aires. Ruler: Alejo Julio Argentino Roca Paz.

Position 2

SUDAN Pn#2b 5 Millim 1956AD-1375AH Government of Sudan. Copper-Nickel. 5.93g. 25.00 mm. Scalloped (with 10 notches). Usually reported in Bronze. Mintage: N/A. (Pattern Issue). Mint: British Royal Mint.

Position 3

GERMANY KM#275 Stolberg-Stolberg 2/3 Thaler (Gulden) 1764C - Joint Coinage D. Silver. 13.90g. 32.50 mm. One year type. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Stolberg. Ruler: Friedrich Botho and Karl Ludwig.

Position 4

YEMEN Y#11.3 1/80 Riyal AH (13)80. Bronze. 3.49g. 21.50 mm. Struck with dies of 1/4 Ahmadi Riyal. Mintage: Rare. Mint: Sana'a. Ruler: Ahmad bin Yahya Hamidaddin.

Position 5

TUNISIA KM#222 10 centimes AH1310-1893. Bronze. 10.05g. 30.00 mm. Mintage: 26,000. Mint: Paris. Ruler: Ali Muddat ibn al-Husayn Bey.

Position 6

INDIA KM#530 1/4 Anna 1939 George VI 1st head - Dot below Date (Total = 10 dots). Bronze. 4.90g. 25.00 mm.  Mintage: N/A. Mint: Bombay. Ruler: George VI.
Award 2016 on 31st Dec 2016 at Bahrain.
Position 1 YEMEN KM#1 Qu'aiti State, countermarked "1308" [1890] on 1/12 Anna 1848. Copper. 2.00g. 18.20 mm. Considered a spurious issue. Mintage: N/A. Mint: N/A. Ruler: Awadh ibn Umar.
Position 2 INDIA KM#433.1 1/2 Rupee ND - Ahad (RY 1) [1719]. Silver. 5.71g. Diameter: 18.25 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Ahmadabad. Mughal  Emperor: Muhammad Shah.
Position 3 VANUATU KM#4.2 French New Hebrides 1 Franc 1982. Nickel-Brass. 2.00g. Diameter: 17.00 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Paris. President: Ati George Sokomanu.
Position 4 YEMEN Y#22 1/40 Rial (Buqsha) 1384/3-1382/2 4 pointed rays. Brass. 5.63g. Diameter: 26.50 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Sana'a. President: Abdullah al-Sallal.
Position 5 INDIA KM#544a 1/4 Rupee 1940B Long Trefoils Edge: Reeded. 0.500 Silver. 2.94g. Diameter: 19.50 mm. Mintage: 24,635,000. Mint: Bombay. Ruler: George VI.
Position 6 OMAN Quarter Anna. AH1313 [1896] TURKEE is written as TURKIE. Copper. 6.07g. Diameter: 25.00 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Muscat. Ruler: Faisal bin Turki bin Sa'id bin Sultan.
Position 7 DJIBOUTI KM#20 1 Franc 1997 Aluminum. 1.30g. Diameter: 23.00 mm. Mintage: 350. Mint: Paris. President: Hassan Gouled Aptidon.
Position 8 HAITI KM#45 20 Centimes 1890. 0.835 Silver. 5.00g. Diameter: 23.00 mm. Mintage: 70,000. Mint: Paris. President: Louis Mondestin Florvil Hyppolite.
Special INDIA KM#534b.3 1/2 Anna 1943 Lahore (Large Diamond beside dot at neck). Nickel-Brass. 2.84g. Diameter: 17.30 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Lahore. Ruler: George VI.
Award 2015 on 27th Dec 2015 at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Position 1 OMAN KM#24 Muscat & Oman Sultanate 50 Baisa (Baiza) AH 1359 (1940). Copper-Nickel. 7.56g. Diameter: 26.00 mm; 6 sided. Mintage: 65,000. Mint: Royal British mint. Ruler: Sa'id bin Taimur.
Position 2 AUSTRIA KM#1816 Thaler 1756. 0.8330 Silver. 27.96g. Diamter: 40.30 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Hall. Ruler: Maria Theresa.
Position 3 INDIA 1/4 Anna 1938 with 9+2 dots and Diamond below R. (Pattern issue). Bronze. 4.86g. Diameter: 25.00 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Bombay. Ruler: George VI.
Position 4 HUNGARY KM#2038 Thaler 1751KB. 0.8330 Silver. 28.01g. Diameter: 40.80 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Kremnitz. Ruler: Francis Stephen I.
Position 5 GERMANY KM#440.2 Prussia Double Thaler (3½ Gulden) 1846A. 0.9000 Silver. 37.02g. Diameter: 41.00 mm. Mintage: 1,472,000. Mint: Berlin. Ruler: Frederick William IV.
Position 6 GUATEMALA KM#4 Central American Republic 8 Reales 1847NG A. 0.9030 Silver. 26.88g. Diameter: 39.00 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Guatemala City. Ruler: José Rafael Carrera Turcios.
Award 2014 on 25th Dec 2014 at Doha, Qatar.
Position 1 TURKEY KM#884 1/2 Kurus 1948 Brass 1.75g. Diameter: 16.00 mm. Not released for circulation. Mintage:- 150. Mint: Istanbul. President: Mustafa İsmet İnönü.
Position 2 BELGIUM KM#107.2 Spainish Brabant Patagon 1694 Silver 28.39g. Diameter: 40.50 mm. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Brussels. Ruler: Charles II of Spain.
Position 3 BELGIUM KM#50 3 Gulden (Lion d'argent) 1790(b) Silver 32.66g. Diameter: 42.00 mm. Insurrection coinage. Mintage: N/A. Mint: Brussels.
Position 4 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC KM#8.1 Belgium Congo (Free State) 5 Francs 1896. 0.900 Silver 24.88g. Diameter:  37.50 mm. Mintage: 110,000. Ruler: Leopold II of Belgium.
Position 5 NORWAY KM#312 1/2 Specie Daler (18 1/2 Skilling) 1844. 0.875 Silver 14.42g. Diameter: 30.00 mm. Mintage: 231,000. Mint: Kongsberg. Ruler: Carl XIV Johan (Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte).
Position 6 SWEDEN KM#667 Riksdaler 1845AG small head. 0.750 Silver 33.89g. Diameter: 39.00 mm. Mintage: 43,000 (including large head). Mint: Stockholm. Ruler: Oscar I (Joseph François Oscar Bernadotte).
Special TURKEY KM#866 1 Lira 1938 0.830 Silver 12.05g. Diameter: 29.50 mm. Mintage: 8,282,000 (doubtful mintage as hard to find). Mint: Istanbul. President: Gazi Mustafa Kemal (Pasha) Atatürk.
Award 2013 on 31st Dec 2013 at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Position 1


KM#345.3 30 Tari 1798 Silver 29.68g. Diameter: 40.00 mm. Issued: 06-11th June 1798 during French capture of Malta. Mintage:- N/A. Mint: Malta. Ruler: Ferdinand von Hompesch.
Position 2


KM#8 Austrian Netherlands Ducaton 1753R Silver 33.28g. Diameter: 41.00 mm. Mintage:- 21,000. (KeyDate) Mint: Antwerp. Ruler: Maria Theresa.
Position 3


KM#485 Salzburg Thaler 1803 0.833 Silver 28.02g. Diameter: 40.00 mm. Mintage:- N/A. Mint: Salzburg. Ruler: Ferdinand as Electorate.
Position 4


KM#962 Saxony Thaler 1763 Silver 27.85g. Diameter: 41.00 mm. Mintage:- N/A. Mint: Leipzig. Ruler: Frederick Christian.
Position 5


KM#310 8 Reales 1822 Mo/JM - Type V 0.903 Silver 26.97g. Diameter: 38.00 mm. Mintage:- N/A. Mint: Mexico City. Ruler: Emperor Agustin Iturbide.
Position 6


KM#659.1 5 Francs AN12 (1804A) Silver 24.94g. Diameter: 38.00 mm. Mintage:- 3,454,000. Mint: Paris. Ruler: Napoléon Bonaparte.
Position 7


KM#352.1 British India, Madras Presidency 1/4 Pagoda 1808 Silver 10.49g. Diameter: 26.00 mm. Type: Cross tongue in buckle, 9+9 stars and "Q" in Quarter as Aids symbol. Mintage:- 7,091,587. (50 types recorded). Mint: Madras.
Position 8


KM#3 2 Lire 1890 0.835 Silver 9.95g. Diameter: 27.00 mm. Mintage:- 1,000,000. Mint: Rome. Ruler: Umberto I.


KM#14 1 Anna 1956 Copper-Nickel 2.90g. Diameter: 19.50 mm / KM#24 1 paisa 1966 Bronze 1.43g. Diameter: 17.00 mm.  Mintage:- 4,580,000 / NA (unlisted). Mint: Lahore.
Award 2012 on 25th Dec 2012 at Beirut, Lebanon.
Position 1 GERMANY KM#966.1 Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel Thaler 1764 E-IDB Silver 27.78g. Diameter: 39mm. Mint: Brunswick. Mintage:- N/A Ruler: Charles I.
Position 2 AUSTRIA KM#115 Thaler 1704. Silver 28.42g. Diameter: 47mm. Mint: Olmutz. Mintage:- N/A Ruler: Karl III Josef Herzog von Lothringen.
Position 3 GERMANY KM#20 Westphalia Thaler 1811. Silver 27.87g. Diameter: 38.25mm. Mint: Kassel. Mintage:- N/A Ruler: Jérôme-Napoléon Bonaparte.
Position 4 SPAIN C#L53.1 Majorca Duro 30 Sueldos (Sous) 1821. Silver 26.68g. Diameter: 41mm. Mintage:- N/A Ruler: Ferdinand VII.
Position 5 GERMANY KM#176 Pfalz-Sulzbach 1/2 Thaler 1792AS. Silver 13.95g. Diameter: 33mm. Mint: Mannheim [Vicariant issue]. Mintage:- N/A Ruler: Charles Theodore.
Position 6 AUSTRIA KM#A692 Thaler 1716. Silver 28.45g. Diameter: 42.5mm. Mint: Hall (Tyrol). Mintage:- 119,000. (KeyDate) Ruler: Charles VI.
Special FRANCE KM#Tn31 5 Sols LAN IV - 1792 Emergency Token Issues. Bronze 29.81g. Diameter: 39mm. Mint: Paris. Mintage:- N/A Issuer: Monneron Freres.
La Chiefa dela Münzsammlung
Award 2011
No Awards.
Award 2010 on 25th Dec 2010 at Tartu, Estonia.
Position 1 SAUDI ARABIA KM#11 1/2 Riyal AH 1348 (1930). 0.917Ag. 12.05g. Diameter: 27.00 mm.

Mintage:- 100,000 (Rare)

Ruler:- Abdul Aziz ibn Abdul Rehman Al-Saud.
Position 2 INDIA KM#13 1 Jaipur Mohar RY5 ND(1752) citing: Ahmad Shah Badahur. 0.917Au. 10.86g. Diameter: 19.50 mm.

Mintage:- N/A (Very Rare)

Mint:- Sawai - Jaipur. Ruler:- Maharaja Sawai Shri MADHO SINGH I Bahadur.
Position 3 BRAZIL KM#L3 Leper Colony Colonia Santa Teresa 300 Reis ND(1940). Brass. 2.67g. Diameter: 22.00 mm. Mintage:- N/A (Scarce) Leprosarium Coinage.
Position 4 INDIA KM#446.14 1 Rupee AH1165 RY4 (1752). 0.925Ag. 11.37g. Diameter: 21.00 mm. Mintage:- N/A Mint:- Multan. Ruler:- Mojahed ad-Din Abu´n Nasr AHMED SHAH BAHADUR.
Position 5 YEMEN KM#52 Khumsi AH1276 (1859) Kasadi of Mukalla (part of Quaiti State of Shihr and Mukalla). Bronze/Brass. 4.91g. Diameter: 21.50 mm. Mintage:- N/A Ruler- Naqib of al-Mukalla, Salah bin Muhammad.
Position 6 EGYPT KM#456 Pound. Om Kalsoum 1st death anniversary 1976 - AH1396. 0.975Au. 8.00g. Diameter: 24.00 mm. Mintage:- 5,000 Mint:- Cario. President:- Muhammad Anwar El Sadat.
Special PAKISTAN KM#15 2 Annas 1959 CuNi. 5.80g. Rare coin, as probably most of them were not released for circulation and melted down. Mintage:- 8,010,000 Mint:- Lahore. President:- Mohammad Ayub Khan Tareen.
Award 2009 on 09th Nov 2009 at Karachi, Pakistan.
Position 1 JAPAN Y#4a.2 50 Sens Yr4 (1871 CE) 0.800Ag 12.50g

Mintage:- Rare

Ruler:- Mutsuhito (Meiji) [Sachi-no-miya].
Position 2 AFGHANISTAN SA#E2464 Shahrukhi of Humayun Citing: Safavid Tahmasp of Persia 1544 CE silver 4.44g. Timurid Dynasty as a vassal at Qandahar in AH 950-952. Shia Kalma on both sides of the coin.

Mintage:- Extremely Rare

Mint:- Qandahar. Ruler:- Nasiruddin Humayun Mirza bin Zahir al-Din Babur Mirza.
Position 3 KENYA KM#3 Mombasa 1/4 Rupee (4 Annas) 1890H. 0.917Ag 2.92g. Mintage:- 12,000 Mint:- Birmingham. Ruler- Victoria.
Position 4 YEMEN KM#3 Ghurfah 15 Khumsi AH 1344 (1926 CE) 0.900Ag 2.00g. Mintage:- 10,000 Mint:- Birmingham. Ruler:- Saleh Ubayd bin Abdat al-Ghurfah.
Position 5 IRAQ KM#113 20 Fils 1953 - AH 1372. 0.500Ag 3.60g. Diameter: 20.50 mm. Mintage:- 250,000 Mint:- British Royal Mint. Ruler- Faisal II.
Position 6 INDIA KM#520 8 Annas 1919 CuNi. Mintage:- 2,890,000 Mint:- Calcutta. Ruler:- George V.
Chiefa Coins
Award 2008 on 25th Dec 2008 at Durma / Zulum, Saudi Arabia
Position 1 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA KM#74.3 20 Dollars (Double Eagle) 1895S 0.900Au 31.76g (33.436g). Diameter: 34.00 mm.

Mintage:- 1,143,500

Mint:- San Francisco. President:-Stephen Grover Cleveland.
Position 2 PAKISTAN Kushan Empire - Gold starter (Goddess Miipo) 147CE. 0.917Au 7.92g.

Mintage:- Scarce

Ruler:- Kanishka I.
Position 3 INDIA KM#258.2 Mohur 1062AH RY26 [1652 CE] 0.917Au 10.84g. Unpublished style: Dented Quarterfoil or EightFoil. Mintage:- Scarce Mint:- Daulatabad. Ruler- Shahab ud-din Mohammad SHAH JAHAN I Padshah.
Position 4 AFGHANISTAN SA#2350A ¼ Tankah of Kart (1332-1369 CE). 0.925Ag. 3.70g. Mintage:- Extremely Rare Mint:- Herat. Ruler:- Sultan Muizuddin Hussain.
Position 5 INDIA KM#555 1 Rupee 1939(b). 0.917Ag. 11.66g. Reeded Edge. Mintage:- 2,450,000 [mostly melted or withdrawn from circulation] Mint:- Bombay. Ruler- George VI.
Position 6 SOUTH AFRICA KM#10.2 1 Pond 1898 Zuid Afrikaansche Republic 0.916Au 7.94g Single Shaft wagon tongue. Reeded Edge. Mintage:- 137,000 Ruler:- Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger.
Award 2007 on 25th Dec 2007 at Zürich, Switzerland.
Position 1 SOMALIA KM#6 Italian Somaliland One Rupia 1915. 0.917Ag. 11.6638g.

Mintage:- 250,000

Mint:- Rome. Ruler:-Vittorio Emanuele III.
Position 2 PAKISTAN Rupee 1131 AH (1719AD) 0.925Ag. 10.92g. Gakhar dynasty [Between Attock and Jhelum].

Mintage:- Rare

Mint:- Sultanpur [near Rohtas Fort]. Ruler:- Muqarrab Khan Gakhar.
Position 3 ENGLAND KM#695 1/2 Crown 1828. 0.925 Ag. 14.138g. Mintage:- 50,000 Mint:- The Royal Mint, London. Ruler- George IV.
Position 4 INDIA Stan# D808 AR Rupee 946AH [1539AD]. 0.925 Ag. 11.10g. Mintage:- Scarce Mint:- Jahanpanah type: Shergarh in Bihar. Ruler:- Farid ud-Din Sher Shah Suri.
Position 5 AUSTRALIA KM#Tn55 1 penny(d) 1855 Melbourne Auctioneers & Land Agents - Copper. Mintage:- N/A Issuer: Edwd.De Carle & Co.
Position 6 BANGLADESH Stan# B982 Rupee 11.5g  980AH [1572 AD] 0.925Ag. Mintage:- Scarce Mint:- Tanda [6 armed star]. Ruler:- Daud Suleiman Shah Kararani.
Award 2006 on 25th Dec 2006 at Al-Hareeq, Saudi Arabia.
Position 1 PAKISTAN KM#44 3000 Rupees 1976 Astor Markhor 33.4370g 90% Au, 10%Ag. 34.00 mm. 160 serrations.

Mintage:- 1175

Mint:- The Royal Mint, London.
Position 2 INDIA Stan# D455 Tanka 0.917 Au. 10.97g. 752 AH. Sultanate of Delhi - Tughluqid Dynasty      [The ruler, ruled a few days in March 1351AD].

Mintage:- Scarce

Mint:- Hadrat Delhi. Ruler:- Ghiyath Al-Din MAHMUD Shah bin Muhammad Shah (Khwaja-i-Jahan).
Position 3 EGYPT KM#119 Zeri Mahbub 2.60g. 0.917Au. citing Mustafa III 1171AH // (11)80AH (1766AD). Mintage:- N/A Mint:- Egypt. Ruler- Mumluk Sultan Ali Bey al-Kabir.
Position 4 ALGERIA SA# 519 Dinar 4.38g 0.900Au 1430-1462AD  Zayyanid Dynasty. Mintage:- Rare Mint:- Tlemcen. Ruler:- Abu'l-Abbas Ahmad I al-Aqil.
Position 5 AFGHANISTAN 1 Dinar 581AH [1185AD] Ghorids of Bamiyan 2.92g .900 Au 24mm - citing Caliph Nasir b'Allah. Mintage: Two known pieces Ruler:- Shamsuddin Muhammad bin Fakhuruddin Masud.
Position 6 INDIA Stan# D334 Dinar 727 AH (1327AD) .917 Au 12.76g Sultanate of Delhi - Tughluqid Dynasty. Mintage:- Rare Mint:- Hadrat Delhi Ruler:- Fakhr al-Din MUHAMMAD bin Tughluq.
Special PAKISTAN 1 Rupee 1995 Copper 6.05g. 25mm. UN 50th Anniversary 1945-1995. Mintage:- Estimate 10 pieces.  (Not released to circulation) Mint:- Pakistan Mint, Lahore. President:- Sardar Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari.
Award 2005 on 17th Dec 2005 at Bahrain.
Position 1 IRAQ KM#172 10 Dinars 1990 Brass - Two swords arched above palm tree.

Mintage:- N/A   (Not released to circulation)

President:- Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti.
Position 2 INDIA KM#195 1.5 Pice East India Company 1791. 9.71g 28.50 mm. Copper. Oblique edge.

Mintage:- N/A

Governor-General:- Charles Mann Cornwallis under George III.
Position 3 DUBAI UAE KM#58A 100 Dirhams 1999 Dubai 100 years of Port and Customs. 0.925Ag Mintage:- 5000 Ruler:- Sheikh Maktum ibn Rashid Al Maktum.
Position 4 SWEDEN KM#517 2/3 Riksdaler (2 Daler S.M) 1777OL 19.5015g. 0.8780 Ag. Mintage:- 88,000 Ruler:- Gustaf III.
Position 5 CAMPIONE D'ITALIA 20 Franchi 1964 6.00g. 0.900Au. Mintage:- N/A Issuer:- Casinò Municipale di Campione d'Italia.
Position 6 ISLAMIC MINT 1 Dinar 4.25g. 0.917 Au. Mintage:- N/A Issuer:- Dubai Islamic Mint. Designer:- Umar Ibrahim Vadillo.
Award 2004 on 23rd Dec 2004 at Abbottabad, Pakistan.
Position 1 PAKISTAN KM#50 1000 Rupees 1977 Islamic Summit 9.00g 0.917Au.

Mintage:- 800

Mint:- M/s. Italcambio, Venezuela.
Position 2 INDIA KM#19 1 tanga (60 Reis - 1/16 Rupia) 1934 Bronze.

Mintage:- 100,000

Portuguese Colony (Republic).

Position 3 DUBAI UAE KM#26 1000 Dirham ND(1992) - Oct 1990 Dubai Int'l Trade Center 39.94g 0.917Au. Mintage:- 2000 Ruler:- Sheikh Maktum ibn Rashid Al Maktum.
Position 4 ANGUILLA KM#26 25 W.I. Dollar 1968 (ND 1974) Ronald Webster 31g 0.999Ag. Mintage:- N/A Ruler:- Ronald Webster.
Position 5 UMM AL-QAIWAIN KM#4 10 Riyal 1389AH (1969AD) 30.00g 1.000Ag - Facade of the Great Rock Temple. Mintage:- 2000 Ruler:- Sheikh Ahmad ibn Rashid Al Mu`alla.
Position 6 PRIDNESTROVIE KM#38 100 Rublei 2002 K.K. Gedroits 14.15g 0.925Ag Mintage:- 500 Ruler:- Igor Nikolayevich Smirnov.
Award 2003 on 25th Dec 2003 at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Position 1 AMERICAN SAMOA KM#3 25 Dollars 1988 American Cup 155.515g 0.999Ag 63mm Medal Alignment. Mintage:- 100 Mint:- Phillips Mint. Governor:- Lutali Aifili Paulo Lauvao.
Position 2 SYRIA Ummayad Dynasty Dinar 79 AH (698AD) 4.28g 0.916Au. Mintage:- N/A Ruler:- Abul Walid Abd al-Malik I ibn Marwan.
Position 3 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES KM#8 750 Dirhams 1980 International Child Year 17.17g 0.900Au. Mintage:- 3063 Mint:- CNI - Valcambi, Balerna, SA. Ruler:- Sheikh Zayed ibn Sultan Al Nahayan.
Position 4 SENEGAL KM#4 100 Francs 1968 8th Anniversary of Independence 32.00g 0.900Au. Mintage:- N/A President:- Léopold Sédar Senghor.
Position 5 SAUDI ARABIA KM#60 1 halala 1397 AH (1979AD) 2.54g Bronze. Mintage:- N/A   (Not released to circulation) Ruler: Khalid bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud.
Position 6 TURKEY KM#1119 150 MTL Clinton Visit 2000 - Clinton holding a baby Bi-metallic Reeded 38.6mm 40g [24g .917Au + 16g .925Ag]. Mintage:- 10000, but around 572 pieces sold. Mint:- Turkish Mint. President:- Süleyman Demirel.
Special TURKISH REPUBLIC OF NORTHERN CYPRUS Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Turkish Invasion 1974-1984 with the TRNC emblem - 23.23g 0.925Ag. Mintage:- N/A Medallic Coinage. Ruler:- Rauf Rasit Raif Denktash [Rauf Raif Denktaş].
Award 2002 on 25th Dec 2002 at Al Hammamat, Tunisia.
Position 1 TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS KM#63 10 crown 1985 Women decade 23.28g 0.925Ag. Mintage:- 1001 Mint:- CNI - Valcambi, Balerna, SA. Ruler:- Elizabeth II.
Position 2 KYRGYZSTAN (KIRGHIZIA) KM#3 10 Som 2001 10th Anniversary of Republic - Khan Tengri 28.28g 0.925Ag 38.6mm. Mintage:- 1000 Mint:- Polish State Mint Plc. President:- Askar Akayevich Akayev.
Position 3 PITCAIRN ISLANDS KM#1 50 Dollars 1988 Drafting of Constitution 155.60g 0.999Ag 65mm. Mintage:- 10,000 Mint:- The Royal Mint, London. Ruler:- Elizabeth II.
Position 4 SAUDI ARABIA KM#59 1 Riyal 1977 FAO (1397AH) CuNi (Sample). Mintage:- N/A Mint:- The Royal Mint, London Ruler:- Khalid ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Saud.
Position 5 TOGO KM#9 10000 Francs 1977 49.32g .925Ag 10th year of General Eyadema as President. Mintage:- N/A Ruler:- (Étienne) Gnassingbe Eyadema
Position 6 TRISTAN DA CUNHA KM#9a 50 pence 1999 Winston Churchill 28.28g 0.925Ag. Mintage:- 2500 Mint:- The Royal Mint, London. Ruler:- Elizabeth II
Award 2001 on 25th Dec 2001 at Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Position 1 SOUTH GEORGIA & SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS KM#7 2 Pound 2001 Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton CuNi. Mintage:- 100,000 Mint:- Pobjoy Mint Ltd. Ruler:- Elizabeth II.
Position 2 IRAQ 1 Dinar 158AH Abbasid Dynasty (775AD) 0.916Au 4.00g. Mintage:- N/A Ruler:- Abu Abdallah Muhammad al-Mahdi.
Position 3 GIBRALTAR KM#885 5 Pound 2000  160th Anniversary of the uniform penny post & 1st Blue Coin 10g Titanium. Mintage:- 15,000 Mint:- Pobjoy Mint Ltd. Ruler:- Elizabeth II.
Position 4 NIUE KM#137 1 Dollar 2001  Pokemon Pikachu CuNi. Mintage:- 100,000 Mint:- Pobjoy Mint Ltd. Ruler:- Elizabeth II.
Position 5 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA KM#110 14 Euro 1998 Peace II - Dove in flight 10.00g 0.925Ag. Mintage:- 20,000 Mint:- Pobjoy Mint. Ruler:- Alija Izetbegović.
Position 6 SAUDI ARABIA KM#36 1 Guinea 1370AH (1950AD) 7.9881g 0.917Au - Trade Coinage. Mintage:- 2,000,000 Ruler:- Abdul Aziz ibn Abdul Rehman Al-Saud.
Award 2000 on 25th Dec 2000 at Ankara, Turkey.
Position 1 TURKEY AE Follis (M) [40 nummi] Year: 15 (596AD). Mintage:- N/A Mint: Antioch. Ruler:- Maurice [Mauricius] Tiberius.
Position 2 AUSTRIA KM#2240 1 Thaler 1848A 0.833 Ag 28.06mm. Mintage:- 119,000 Mint: Vienna. Ruler:- Ferdinand I.
Position 3 ITALY AE Antoninianus 291AD Bronze / 0.210Ag. Mintage:- N/A Ruler:- Gaius Aurelius Valerius DIOCLETIAN Augustus.
Position 4 CYPRUS KM#26 18 piastres 1940 11.3104g 0.925Ag. Mintage:- 100,000 Mint:- The Royal Mint, London. Ruler:- George VI.
Francaise Bank
Award 1999 on 01st Oct 1999 at Islamabad, Pakistan.
Position 1 PAKISTAN KM#48 100 Rupee Allama Muhammad Iqbal 1977 20.44g 0.925Ag. Mintage:- 3300

Mint:- M/s. Italcambio, Venezuela.

Position 2 SAUDI ARABIA KM#22 Hejaz 1/4 Qirsh 1334AH - 6th Year (1921AD) 1.87g Bronze. Mintage:- N/A Mint:- Makkah    Ruler:- Husayn ibn Ali.
Position 3 CYPRUS KM#1.1 1/4 piastre 1879  Bronze 21.80 mm. Mintage:- 150,000

Mint:- The Royal Mint, London.                Ruler:- Victoria.

Position 4 KAZAKHSTAN KM#11 20 Tenge 1993 Muhammad - Philosopher CuNi. Mintage:- N/A N/A.
Award 1998 on 01st Oct 1998 at Famagusta (Gazi Magusa), T.R. of Northern Cyprus.
Position 1 ITALY KM#6 1 Luigini 1665 - Marquisate of Torriglia. 2.26g .917Ag Struck by independent territories. Mintage:- N/A Ruler: Princess Violante Lomellini (widow of Andrea III)  - Doria-Pamphili-Landi dynasty in the Republic of Naples.
Position 2 RUSSIAN FEDERATION C#2 Siberia 1 Denga (1/2 kopek) 1734 Copper. Mintage:- RARE Mint:- St. Petersburg Mint. Ruler:- Catherine II the great.
Position 3 BULGARIA KM#18 5 Leva 1894KB 25g 0.900Ag. Mintage:- 1,800,000 Mint:- Kormoczbanya. Ruler:- Ferdinand I.
Position 4 ENGLAND KM#734.2 1 shilling 1878 5.6552g 0.925Ag. Mintage:- 3,127,000 Mint:- The Royal Mint, London. Ruler:- Victoria.
Award 1997 on 01st Oct 1997 at Famagusta (Gazi Magusa), T.R. of Northern Cyprus.
Position 1 NETHERLANDS Leeuwendaalder, Holland 1576 Silver Coin. Mintage:- N/A Ruler:- William1 the Silent von Nassau.
Position 2 GREECE KM#9 Crete 5 Drachmi 1901 25g 0.900Ag. Mintage:- 150,000 Mint:- Central Mint - Paris (A). Ruler:- Prince Georgios.
Position 3 FRANCE KM#815.1 10 centimes 1896(t) Bronze. Mintage:- 600,000.  Mintage also inc. 1895 and 1896(f) Mint:- Central Mint - Paris (A). Ruler:-François Félix Faure.
Position 4 INDIA KM#450.2 East India Company 1 Rupee 1835 - F relief at truncation 0.917Ag. Mintage:- N/A Mint:- The Royal Mint - Bombay.  Ruler:- William IV.
Award 1996 on 01st Oct 1996 at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Position 1 SAUDI ARABIA KM#17 1/4 Riyal 1354AH (1935) 3.1g 0.917Ag. Mintage:- 900,000 The oldest coin of Saudi Arabia in my collection until 1997. Ruler:- Abdul Aziz ibn Abdul Rehman Al-Saud.
Award 1995 on 01st Oct 1995 at Islamabad, Pakistan.
Position 1 INDIA KM#445 East India Company 1/12 Anna (1 Pie) 1935. Copper. 18.00 mm. Mintage:- 72,313,000 The oldest Coin in my collection of British India until 1997. Mint:- The Royal Mint - Bombay  Ruler:- William IV.
Award 1994 on 01st Oct 1994 at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Position 1 AUSTRIA KM#15 1 Thalar 1765 SC  Burgau (Austria State in Germany) - Silver. Mintage:- N/A The Largest Silver and oldest coin until 1997.
Canda Coin Collecting Corporation Company
Award 1993 on 31st Sep 1993 at Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Position 1 SAUDI ARABIA KM#19.1 1/4 Qirsh Plain Edge 1356AH (1937) CuNi. Mintage:- 1,000,000 In the memory of Childish Collection. Ruler:- Abdul Aziz ibn Abdul Rehman.
Award 1992 on 31st Sep 1992 at Makkah / Medinah, Saudi Arabia.
Position 1 KOREA (NORTH) KM#2 & KM#3 5 & 10 chon 1959 without Stars Aluminum. Mintage:- N/A Second Communist Coins in my collection after China.
Vibgyor Coins
Award 1991 on 31st Sep 1991 at Lahore, Pakistan.
Position 1 IRAQ KM#128 1981 50 fils CuNi. Mintage:- 138,995,000 My Starter Coin. 
  • On 13th Oct 2006, awards were changed of year 1994, 2000 and 3rd position in 2002 due to authentication issue.
  • On 13th Feb 2008, awards for 5th and 6th places were added if necessary from 2001 onwards.
  • On 13th Feb 2008, awards for Special coin were added if necessary from 2003 onwards.
  • On 08th Jul 2013, it was decided to give 7th and 8th position as well for this year.

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